The Principle-Centered Paradigm: Part 1: Paradigms And Principles: Brian Schnabel’s Stephen Covey 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Summary.

Principles are natural universal laws that have turned up continually in civilizations throughout history. It doesn’t matter what religion a person is, or what culture they live in. These principles are natural laws (like fairness) that will break us if we continue to ignore them.

Principles determine the success of marriages, friendships and even business. They are not values. “True!” Values are formed out of principles. But values are more useful and closer to actions applied in a particular situation by definition. “However,” principles can be applied in all situations in life because they are ageless and timeless.

If you are thinking of principles as being the kinds of things one would find written in the Ten Commandments, “You would be right!” Those are not values folks! They might be what some base their personal values on but they have more often than not tested out to be universal type laws time and time again. “Why?” Because they are the ageless timeless kinds of things that apply today and will continue to do so on through the tomorrows ahead!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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