Expanding the Circle of Influence: Habit 1: Be Proactive: Brian Schnabel’s Stephen Covey 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Summary.

Can you expand your circle of influence to a point where you have control of situations that were once in your circle of concern? Sure you can! It’s pretty simple to do if you learn how to do things like…

  • Look at reality in a realistic yet positive manner.
  • Use empathy in dealing with others rather than using criticism.
  • Take initiative by going the extra mile in some situations.

According to Covey’s book; these are all great ways to start expanding your circle of influence.

Author: Brian Schnabel

[brian@brianschnabel.com]: Because it’s all about how you feel; I’m plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 2018 and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.9.0.

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