Visualization And Affirmation: Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind: Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Book Chapter Summary.

Stephen Covey explains to us in this little part of his book that we can be like many top athletic performers of our time. He says we can do this by affirming via statements what we wish to accomplish and visualizing it; more or less living it in our mind as if it were already reality.

However, he warns that if tension is a part of the imaginative work we are doing in our right mind; when the actual event takes place tension will be there in reality. Mr. Covey writes to us here, too, that it’s more important to see in our minds eye what we are doing to positively influence others than it is to just see what is in it for us. If we can see that what we are doing is good for others it will make our success more likely and the icing on the cake.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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