Becoming A Transition Person: The Final Chapter: Brian Schnabel’s Stephen Covey 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Summary.

If your parents beat you when you were a kid does that mean that you have to beat your kids? Obviously the answer is, “No!” However, Mr. Covey tells us that the tendency of those who grew up in that situation will be to act out the script upon the next generation, in other words, their own kids. It’s not written in stone that this is what will happen but chances are pretty good that it may, particularly during stressful times.

However, Stephen tells us that by being proactive and changing the negative scripts we’ve learned from prior generations we can very easily pass the new positive scripts along to our children. It is the ability to change a negative script/behavior into a positive script, before passing it along, that makes us transition people!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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